Our Packages

Maintaining and Cleaning

Underwater Welding & Cutting

Asha Marine is capable to perform Marine Service of a wide variety of welding jobs under water, including very complicated welding on vessels, off-shore platforms, bridges and power plants. All the services are guaranteed and promised to deliver the best quality.

Propeller Polishing

Propeller polishing is often required to maintain and increase the fuel efficiency, efficient bunker consumption, and power saving monitoring blade surface condition helps to conduct standards upon before and after polishing. Our skilled divers undertake propeller polishing in dry and even under water to deliver better polishing and extra convenient for our client.

Cable Laying

Cable Laying could be extremely difficult unless the ideal solutions are provided. We undertake burying the cable in the sea, directional drilling at the shoreline, lying flat in deep sea. Special concern is paid not to endanger the cable due to engagement with trawling gear, to avoid the contact with fishing gear.